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Hyrule Warriors - Master Quest DLC pays tribute to Majora's Mask & A Link Between Worlds

- Darunia outfit that resembles Darmani's Ghost from Majora's Mask
- Ruto outfit that resembles the lead-singer of the Indigo-Go's
- Zelda costume that resembles Hilda from A Link Between Worlds
- also includes "gothic" Agitha, maskless Zant, and purple Link

Hyrule Warriors - more footage of the latest DLC (costumes, characters)

Smash Bros Wii U/3DS - Screenshot Sept. 30th 2014

In the 3DS version, your fighter gets outlined by your team color. So, how does this work in the Wii U version? Check out this screenshot. In this picture, the outlines may seem faint, but the color intensity is consistent. This means that the farther away and smaller your fighter appears on the screen, the clearer the colors will look.

Hyrule Warriors - Cia trailer, DLC costume screens, art, Adventure mode update and more

Check out more costume art here:…
Hyrule Warriors - another round of concept art">



Hyrule Warriors - villains and Dark Link DLC footage

Wii U firmware update - folder footage

VIRUS Video Game Kickstarter:

Fund it here:…">

Taken from the KS Page:
A 2D Action Platformer in the classic Japanese tradition, featuring local co-op and modern game mechanics.





You can download and play the alpha prototype of VIRUS here:…

Alternate Google Docs link here:…

VIRUS is our debut project. It is a 2D action platformer inspired by games in the Mega Man tradition, but with new features, new stories and new weapons. You move through the game in the classic sense by running, dashing, jumping, and firing your weapons, but we take a fresh approach to the classic gameplay you may be accustomed to, including a stacking feature that allows you to quickly plow through a wave of enemies in one fatal blow.


It is 20 years into the future. Computer technology has taken a huge leap with the development of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. It has become more than just a game experience; by plugging into their computers, humans now access data and manipulate it directly with their minds, keyboard optional. But with new technology, new security challenges rise up to threaten computer systems and ultimately their human masters.

To counter these threats, the world governing body commissions a new global internet security team called NETForce. Their task: design a new breed of security programs capable of search and destroy missions at the deepest level of computer technology available. Their answer: Virtual Intelligent Replicants Used for Security or VIRUS. The Replicants are designed with human sentience, human emotions and human intelligence, giving them the ability to analyze and solve problems with lightning speed.

In our game, you play as Yara, the best sentient anti-virus program ever conceived. As the game starts, Yara is awakened by her Creator, the nameless programmer working for the global security conglomerate NETForce. Finding herself in the middle of an attack on the server where she resides, her intense will to survive, along with guidance from her creator, lands her in the central hub where all internet traffic is routed. She quickly analyzes the situation and realizes that servers all over the world are being targeted for specific data as part of a murky plot that only becomes clearer as you move through the game. To complicate matters, she discovers that human users are endangered as well as the computer systems she is tasked with protecting.…">
As you play, you will progress through seven unique environments guarded by the most vile super-viruses imaginable. You must overcome each one to get into the next environment and free the users that are trapped there. Along the way, there are skills to learn, new weapons to master and deploy, and information to acquire to finally learn the cause of all the mayhem. In the end, Yara learns the secret of her origin which may give you a glimpse of things to come in the not so distant future.



VIRUS will have several weapon upgrades. Yara begins the game with only her pistol, which can fire a single shot. Early on, she acquires the charge shot, which can pierce through a row of enemies. She will also find other weapons such as an automatic rifle, an aerial artillery cannon, and other powerful energy weapons.

VIRUS will have semi-linear progression. Stages will be completed in a certain order, however there is an open zone that you exist in between stages, and you can go back to any of the completed stages at any time. There will also be side missions that you can complete optionally at any time, though some might prove difficult without proper equipment or upgrades.

Some of the other Replicants in the game will offer bonus missions that Yara can complete if she meets the proper level requirements. In those missions, Yara is on her own with no help from the Creator.

You will begin the game at Level 1, and gain experience points by defeating enemies and completing missions. Every time you level up, Yara will gain a few ability points to spend on skills to increase her powers. There will be a comprehensive skill tree where you can spend those points to suit your play style.

As for the Creator, he acquires additional skills by finding Data Fragments throughout the stages. Most Fragments are common and provide modest improvements to his abilities, while others are rare and can give him a much greater edge in the game.

Yara will find both optional and required upgrades and armor throughout the game. For example, the dash movement is a required upgrade that you will find in the first stage. However, there might be an upgrade that is hidden or impossible to get to at first, and you may have to revisit a stage later with a different upgrade to be able to reach it.

Some examples of upgrades include: an improved aerial dash, an enhanced mid-jump boost, and various armor upgrades.

Combat is fast-paced and intense. Every time you shoot any enemy with the basic shot or the charged shot, enemies become targeted for destruction. These are stacks that max out at three per enemy. Detonating three stacks on a wave of enemies has the potential to completely obliterate them instantly.

Due to the fast paced platforming of VIRUS, it is best played with a game controller, as it was designed from the very beginning to be played that way. There is keyboard/mouse control, but only as a last resort. Some stages in VIRUS can be quite difficult at times, and while they can be beaten with the keyboard/mouse controls, expect more fluidity and overall control with an XBox 360 or PS4 controller at your disposal versus the keyboard.


♥$65,000 - NEW GAME + / COSTUME
After you beat the game, you will unlock what is called New Game +. You will have the option to begin the game over again at a harder difficulty, however you will have all of your upgrades that you found in the normal game. There will also be new weapons and upgrades only available in New Game +. Apart from New Game +, this goal will also allow us to design an alternate costume for Yara.

♥$75,000 - SURVIVAL MODE
Survival Mode is an unlockable game mode where you face endless waves of enemies until your imminent defeat. The longer you last, the stronger the enemies become, and the higher your score will be.

♥$80,000 - LOCAL CO-OP
Also known as "Couch Co-op", this will let you team up with a friend on the same device. The difficulty will be scaled up to accommodate the extra player, so be prepared to face an interesting challenge in 2-player Co-op.

♥$85,000 - TWO MORE STAGES
We will use the extra resources to create two entirely new worlds each with their own enemies and bosses. This will expand the story even further, giving VIRUS a total of 9 stages and 8 Super-Virus bosses.

♥$95,000 - NEW CHARACTER
Apart from Yara and her Creator, we will have a complimentary character in the game with his own abilities and story. He will have several unique stages apart from the ones completed in Yara's storyline.

♥$110,000 - TRANSLATIONS
We want to include as many fans of our game as possible, so we will translate VIRUS into various languages depending on their apparent demand. Potential candidates include: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.

♥$130,000 - VOICE ACTING
To further improve the immersive experience of VIRUS, we will hire many talented voice over artists to record the dialogue. English only.

♥$170,000 - ONLINE CO-OP
We will expand the experience of Local Co-op to the internet, allowing you to play online with your friends on the same platform.

♥$190,000 - NINTENDO 3DS
The final platform for development will be the 3DS. We will make use of the 3DS's unique capabilities to give VIRUS an awesome handheld experience.

♥$250,000 - MANGA
Our final stretch goal at this time will be to fund a complete graphic novel in the Japanese Manga style, showing Yara's journey through the digital world she calls home.


We'll put your name in the credits under "Thank You." You will also be given access to our exclusive Developers' Forum where you will be able to interact directly with the Plexcom Team. This will be available after the Kickstarter campaign is over.


You get the game on your platform of choice. Our planned platforms upon release are PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita, XBox One, and Wii U. Includes previous tiers.


This reward includes the game as well as a download of the entire game's soundtrack. Includes previous tiers.


A download of the full digital art book featuring concept art, background story, design concepts, and notes about the development process straight from the team. Includes previous tiers.


T-shirt design mockup:…">
An original cotton T-shirt with your choice of small, medium, or large, in either male or female. We will update you with the final design as we progress throughout this campaign. Includes previous tiers.


An exclusive backers' 24" x 36" promotional print poster only available through this Kickstarter. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards.

Poster design:


This reward includes all previous digital rewards, as well as the digital guide book with details about every level, powerup, and enemy in the game. There will be maps of every level and detailed information about how much health each enemy has and how much damage their weapons will do, as well as your weapons. Also includes previous physical rewards.


You will get a limited edition skin for Yara, only available through this Kickstarter, which you can redeem via a serial key. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards.


A printed copy of the full art book featuring concept art, background story, design concepts, and notes about the development process straight from the team. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


A printed copy of the guide book with details about every level, powerup, and enemy in the game. There will be maps of every level and detailed information about how much health each enemy has and how much damage their weapons will do, as well as your weapons. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


You get both the printed art book and guide book. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


Insert a message of your choice into the game as a news broadcast on a screen. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


You design an enemy to be put into the game. We will have a Skype meeting with you to work out the details of your enemy. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


Become a part of the Neural Network by uploading your likeness into the game as an NPC with a custom dialogue quote. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


What's even better than uploading yourself into a computer? Getting trapped and needing to be rescued! Have your likeness inserted into the game as an NPC who must be rescued by Yara. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


You create an item for Yara to find in the game and use for a stat boost. We will have a Skype meeting to discuss the details of your item. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


Design and name one of the toughest enemies in the game for Yara to fight. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


You design a weapon for Yara to use in the game. We will have a Skype meeting to discuss the details of your weapon. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


You design a weapon for one of the Superviruses to use. We will have a Skype meeting to discuss the details of your boss weapon. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


You can design a completely custom hidden room in the game. You choose the look of the room, and any objects contained within. You will also be an NPC in this room. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


You will become one of the Elite Replicants in the game. The Replicants offer Yara various bonus missions that will provide unique rewards separate from the main story. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


ou help design the second playable character in VIRUS. He will be the Player 2 character during co-op, as well as the unlockable character for the second campaign. You will design the look and abilities of this character, as well as influence the storyline. This tier only. Also includes previous physical and digital rewards (excluding Alternate Yara Skin).


If you would like to add an extra reward, add the corresponding amount to your pledge. Just click on "manage pledge" and add the amount for the item you want. Remember, you don't need to change your reward tier. We'll send you a survey after the campaign to confirm your rewards.

♥Add $5 - PS4, Vita, XBox, or Wii U version
♥Add $15 - Additional Copy of VIRUS for PC, Mac, or Linux ($20 for PS4, Vita, XBox, or Wii U)
♥Add $15 - Digital Art Book
♥Add $20 - T-Shirt
♥Add $30 - Print Poster
♥Add $60 - Printed Art Book
♥Add $60 - Printed Guide Book

We chose Kickstarter because we recognize the community has the power to help us remain an indie game company, while giving the community the opportunity to participate in the creative process. Without you, it may not be possible to achieve our goals. Some of us will find it necessary to acquire part time employment, which means less time spent on bringing VIRUS to completion by our projected release date (Q4 2015). With proper funding, we can spend 100 percent of our time focused on the game development, bring it in on schedule, and provide it on multiple game systems as well. With that said, we thank everyone for their contribution toward our success!

Fund it here:…
Cover Plates promotional site:…

New Nintendo 3DS commercial (featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)


Platinum blog update - Character modeling in Bayonetta 2:…

New Nintendo 3DS - Australian website:…
Aonuma: [For Customers in the Americas]

Hello to everyone in the Americas. This is Eiji Aonuma, the Supervisor of Hyrule Warriors.
The game is finally available in North America! Did you get a chance to play it yet?

Hyrule Warriors is a fast-paced Dynasty Warriors game filled with unique elements from The Legend of Zelda series. This game was crafted by the developers at Koei Tecmo Games, who are also fans of the Zelda series, so Zelda fans should have a fun time playing this too.  

In addition to our hero, Link, you can play as a variety of characters like Princess Zelda, Impa, and Midna, who makes an appearance in The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess, so I hope you'll try them out.

Beyond that, additional downloadable content will become available in Hyrule Warriors after the game launches. The first DLC pack, Master Quest Pack, will be released on October 16.
The details of that pack will be revealed soon, but today, let me give you a sneak peak at an additional weapon.

The new weapon added through the Master Quest Pack is...Epona!

Some of you may be surprised to hear that Epona is a "weapon", but in Hyrule Warriors, she can team up with Link to attack enemies!
I already had a chance to try out Epona in the game. By riding Epona, I was able to blow heards of enemies away and gallop swiftly through the fields, and I had a lot of fun trying out this re-imagined version of her in Hyrule Warriors.
In the Zelda series, players never had a chance to tackle bosses by galloping around them with Epona like in Hyrule Warriors, so I hope fans will enjoy playing as Zelda characters in a game with a different type of action than you typically find in the original series.

In addition to Epona, the DLC will include other content as well, like new scenarios and costumes that will further expand your gaming experience. If you're interested, please check it out in the Nintendo eShop. I hope these download packs will help deepen and expand your adventures in Hyrule Warriors.


Hyrule Warriors - Nintendo World Store launch coverage:…
Club Nintendo - Slight change to Wii U game codes:

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Dungeon Magic/Light Bringer @ Pixiv:…
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I've started this group because I've run out of ideas for a tenth group.

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Don't be sad, I might consider real ideas that would've worked for a tenth group & if you have run out of options for one more group to administer on your limit, this is the place for you.

Please bear in mind that I only allow GuyXGirl shippings when a shipping is involved, and I won't open folders for something that already has a club, unless there is an exception, also the featured folder is for series made by me.
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