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...Hyrule Warriors?

This is nothing confirmed, just a wishlist in progress.

General Onox
Origin: Oracle of Seasons
Weapon(s): Flail(s), Axe(s), Sword(s)(with shields)
He could have his dragon form as a special attack.
He could wear alternate costumes based on the various designs of the Iron Knuckle(I've included swords(with shields) and axes as a reference to them being Iron Knuckle material).
He may also get mad when someone calls him Knox(Which was a grammar error made by Twinrova on occasion.

I might continue tomorrow or the day after.

What Zelda characters would you like to see as dlc?

SyRek in Hive Jump

SyRek will be an NPC in Hive Jump. He'll be located in one of the many "Relic" rooms hidden in the hives, each of which will have some reward (gun upgrade, resource boost...) SyRek will likely be linked in some way to the reward Relics and talk to the player. If HIVE JUMP reaches its Command Ship Stretch Goal then SyRek will be walking the halls of the ship and you'll be able to talk to him again! Lets get this game funded and reach that stretch goal! Share HIVE JUMP with all your friends! They have got some great rewards that are well worth the backing!

Hive Jump Soldiers in ReVeN

Some Jumper Soldiers from HIVE JUMP find themselves on Planet Keres. We won't tell you where they are located but there's a chance you'll spot them if you decide to explore the off beaten paths.…


- when you view PC Engine communities from an English Wii U or on the Wii U web browser, they show up in their English names instead of Japanese
- this usually only happens with first party Nintendo games that are coming to the eShop in the US
- when you view the listing for Chew Man Fu on an English Wii U or web browser, the game shows up as Chew Man Fu
- when the game is viewed via a Japanese Wii U or web browser, it shows the Japanes name, BE Ball


HERO MODE is happening!

Rottytops, Sky, and Bolo are going in the game as playable characters in Shantae: Half-Genie-Hero!!


If we can reach $15,000 by end of the day Saturday, that backer will contribute an additional $1000 to the campaign. Getting to 30% is a huge kickstarter milestone!

During this 48 hour period we're going to open a temporary 10$ reward tier that comes with a copy of Nefarious! If you haven't pledged yet and you're on the fence, now's the time to do it! And it's a good time to get your friends on board the villainy train! And for those of you who increase your pledge, we want to give you a special EXCLUSIVE reward!…


Update: Meet Princess Farrah Day

Meet Princess Farrah Day! (Get it?)

Not much is known about this little ball of energy. Made in a lab, she's a pinch of elegance, a dash of grace and the essence of royalty. Has science gone too far in its pursuit to develop the perfect princess?

She believes she is being rescued, despite Crow's insisting that it is a kidnapping. Whatever the case she is glad to be out of the lab in which she was created and gladly assists Crow in their escape by super charging his armor and weaponry.…

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Group Info

I've started this group because I've run out of ideas for a tenth group.

But if you ran out of ideas for clubs to administer, come on down & join this one.

Don't be sad, I might consider real ideas that would've worked for a tenth group & if you have run out of options for one more group to administer on your limit, this is the place for you.

Please bear in mind that I only allow GuyXGirl shippings when a shipping is involved, and I won't open folders for something that already has a club, unless there is an exception, also the featured folder is for series made by me.
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Aug 6, 2011


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